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Corey Rockafeler: Fintech executive is asset-based lending & cryptocurrency expert with additional proficiency in risk management. Developing successful business strategies for C-level executives, entrepreneurs, top attorneys, and small business owners has been Corey Rockafeler’s DNA for over 25 years.

As Senior Vice President–Wealth manager for private and institutional accounts at such firms as Rothschild, Oppenheimer & Co., Prime Charter, and First Republic Group, Corey managed assets and advised on hedge fund strategies.

In the real estate finance sector, Corey developed and managed high performance sales teams at leading companies such as Topdot Mortgage and Continental Home loans. He holds numerous top sales and achievement awards for his client-first leadership.

He combined his passion for opera with superb business development skills to become a core part one of the top fund-raising teams in the world with the renowned Metropolitan Opera.

Due to his multi-faceted success and established track record, Corey was invited to become part of Mayor Bloomberg’s top business development team at NYC Business Solutions. There he developed and managed top accounts such as, 21 Club, Soho House ,Mandarin Oriental, Sephora, Zabars, Time Warner, Whole Foods, Gourmet Garage, 16 Handles, Citarella, Dylan’s Candy, Magnolia Cupcakes, Georgetown Cupcakes, Empellon, Balducci’s On the Go, and Vapiano.

Corey was one of the principals and partners in America’s first shariah-compliant commercial lenders-Palm National partners, backed by Al Rajhi bank, one on the largest Islamic banks in the world.

Currently, Corey Rockafeler is Director: Strategic Partnerships & Business Development with Silicon Valley-based fintech lender, American Credit .Some of the country’s top businesses regard him as their first choice when it comes to securing growth and expansion capital.

Faith is big part of Corey Rockafeler’s life. He gave his life to Jesus Christ in 2012 with his son at Hicksville Christian Church under Pastor Dave Schanberg. ” I lead a Christ-first life and a client-first -business .” Learning never stops. Corey is currently doing graduate work at Harvard Business School and London School of Economics with a completion date in 2022.

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Corey Rockafeler is founder and creator of the business financing & insurance education platform: Entrepreneur Series-Educate & Empower. One platform is Understanding Small Business Financing . The other is Understanding Insurance.

Corey Rockafeler

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